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15 June 09
Last leg of journey finally over

After waiting what seemed like the longest 5 months in history - Romany's Tinker Taylor is finally here and settling down into his new life at Stud in Pukekohe, Auckland, New Zealand.
Released from Quarantine on Sunday 14 June 09 - Stallion Manager Kiri Matenga was up at the crack of dawn in preparation of meeting TK for the first time. It had been several months of hype and anticipation - finally coming to a end and Kiri was more than happy to meet and transport our new lad back to the stud.

When I first met TK all I could see was this gorgeous head poking out the top of the stable door as he strained to see over and I was on the other side also on tip toes! This was going to be one fantastic photo shoot but unfortunately not surprisingly Auckland had other ideas and we got caught in a rain storm part way through.

"Oh well who says we can't let boys be boys" "nothing that my high pressured hose can't blast off said Kiri as we watched on. you have to admire Kiri's relaxed demeanor 100% of the time when handling stallions.

Daily life in the shoes of Kiri could easily equate to a weeks work in others shoes. Kiri has 12 years behind her in the breeding Industry. As she goes about her days business which includes running her own stud (5 stallions) and mares - currently helping out part time on another stud where she manages another 4 stallions and tends to approx another 30+ of their horses. Kiri also manages Romany's Tinker Taylor.

Then there is home life for Kiri with her family of 6. Eldest Dejon (17yrs), Jaeden (14yrs), Bailey (13yrs) and Taitlyn (11yrs) all children have grown up in and around our equine friends including stallions. What is so awe inspiring is the kids all get out, hands on and manage and serve mares it's nothing short of remarkable. 100 % behind her childrens interests and activities both sporting and equestrian Kiri doesn't have a spare moment in the day to relax. Over summer they drive their race ponies at "Kidz Kartz" which also involves a ton of work, travel and organisation.

And if that isn't impressive enough to top it off  Kiri's encouragement for her stallions to be boys isn't something we get to see very often with stallions.

A truely unique sight is seeing her entire mob of stallions turned out to pasture together over winter months. The boys love playing together and just hanging out. It keeps them all sane/happy and well adjusted" says Kiri.

If you ask Kiri how she finds the hours in the day to go about her business - she will laugh and tell you that she loves doing what she does and that it's no problem and the subject will be changed smartly.

One amazing lady and we feel very privileged and honoured to have Kiri manage our stallion full time especially while my own life is surrounded with managing more than one business and juggling babies, toddlers and teenagers and the stud mares/foals.
Kiri has an extremely busy season lined up for TK and they will be making an appearance at the Cambridge Allbreeds Stallion Parade 2009.

Auckland rain arrived shortly after the photo shoot began. TK enjoyed rolling about in the mud!















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