Over the years we have always rescued or helped those horses less fortunate or in need at different times.
We have other rescue families that work in with us and through this networking we have been able to help horses throughout NZ.

We currently have 3 resident rescue ponies that will live out the remainder of their days here at our stud - the love these ponies radiate ... I think they know they have a second chance for they give back so much without doing anything!
While it is fair to say that it can be a costly exercise especially where vets, hard feeding, health restoration is concerned it's all worth it and we wouldn't have it any other way.

We had a very sad year in 2008, we lost 3 ponies who were  euthanised on our property and buried with love. When the time came they had full tummies, and were reassured and stroked with love - right up until their final breathe.
 With dignity and love these magnificent creatures crossed over to rainbow bridge ... this is the difficult part for me
 saying goodbye!

 Photos below are just a few of the horses we've had the pleasure of either owning/rescue/bred.
Some may have been rehomed, and some returned.
Some educated/trained, some sold or passed away and were not rescues. All share one common denominator and that is that all of my ponies when sold or re-homed are done so conditional upon giving us first right of refusal if they are ever passed on.

Sadly some people have only seen the $$$ and re-listed a horse/pony and not notified us or honoured this request.
We know who you are. Karma is a wonderful thing.

For rescues ... lets remember why we do what we do, and let us not lose the way. It's the giving back that's so important as no animal should need to suffer at the hands of humans.

RIP our lovely boy - Rescue

RIP Lovely boy - rescue

RIP Our lovely boy Cody
Our special boy, so gentle and sweet.
We miss you so much, just wish we had found you 20 years ago and that we
could have had another few years with you
Buried on our property

RIP lovely Oki - rescue

RIP Lovely Girl - rescue
Sarah and family nursed this lovely mare in Tokoroa

2010 - This mare had a foal tied on to her with a nylon rope.
They were tethered to a fence on gravel and stones.
Paddock was full of hazards.
My rescue family in Tokoroa intervened and the
mare is coming right and putting on weight

Lovely mare - rehomed and in Silverdale, Auckland

RIP Lovely Bobby
Rescue transported up from Westport
Sarah and family restored him to good health

RIP Lovely girl - rescue

QH gelding, well bred.
Sold to Levin, same blood lines as George below

Bindura Sans (George) western gelding
 Sold to Faye down Gold Coast ways

Malika - Sold to Galaxy Equine, Wainui in foal
had a colt foal.

Jasper - re-named Jazzy - Sold and now in a fabulous forever home

Ishan - Rescue
Left on a tenanted property, owners left her for dead with a foal on her
We had her broken in and paid our trainer in Turangi for a lot of months of  mileage
My trainer loved her, she has a big heart and will go anywhere.
We then sold to South Island, and then 11 months later she was advertised for sale in foal.
Recently sold and I am told in a forever home. :)

Lovely mare - Rescue
With a good friend on their large station up North
In a forever home

Sold to Judith Kelsey, Howick Auckland.
Unfortunately this home wasn't healthy for her which is why we don't like "sight unseen" sales.
If anyone knows the whereabouts of her we'd love to know.
Pony's name was "Dobbin" but we think they may have changed it to Dusky.
Most probably now deceased as we owned her 10 years ago.
I live in hope!!!! so does my nearly 20 yr old yr old daughter.

Gallahad (aka Elvis) - we purchased (he had issues)
Close friends of ours took him for a while and called him Elvis!
Sold to a lady, who promised to keep in touch and didn't.
A real character - gorgeous cheeky boy
Last we heard he was in the South Island, and for sale.

Mizpah - sold to family in a forever home

QH mare Solita Royal Te
we purchased from Great Barrier Island
We travelled her back in our horse truck in rough weather
which was a story in itself. Solita didn't turn a hair - lovely mare, bred by the Thodes.
Later on sold to Janice Renton of Silverdale.
Unfortunately they listed her for sale soon after ...
Last time I heard she was in Wellington and back up for sale
We would like to hear from anyone who knows where she is. 

Our little Holly (rescue) given to us by owners
We let Awatea Farms free lease her and she has had a foal.
Back at home with us will stay with us.....

Ruby - (Rescue) with long term issues
Will be retained by our stud or we will consider
giving her away to a forever home

This pony was purchased Rotorua area
The grey pony above (Misty) is in a fabulous home and loving life in Tokoroa.

Lovely Palamino QH mare, dam to my Gypsy Cob part-bred filly.
Sold to a fantastic forever home in South Island.

Little man Comet, Caitlin's first pony.
Sold to a little girl in Glenbrooke, South Auckland.
Would be around 22 yrs old now

Purebred QH Mare Digit (Cedarwood Firelight)
I purchased in 1994 and later was diagnosed with Suspensory Ligament Damage
I bred 2 foals fabulous foals, now she is retired and will be retained by us until the end.

Digits foal Jazz sold to Chris and Sarena
 Kaukapakapa, who still own her.

Digits foal, sold to Debbie of Wellington

Banjo - Kaimanawa X-bred
Sold to Sandy in Whangarei
Was for sale soon after
Now owned by people Taranaki ways,
and in a fabulous home.

Banshi now called Benji
Sold - with forever family in South Island
Lovely gelding

Sold to special friend Marian who owned for last 5 years
Had a gorgeous colt foal who is currently with my trainer in Turangi and will then
return to Marian for her pleasure mount.
Sadly Calico passed away recently
RIP lovely Calico - You were one very special little lady
Tragic passing of this little mare - and such a waste

Lovely boy - up North with friend on her large station

Rescue - Our lovely elderly gelding
Retired and late 30's

Romany Nevassa
Sold to a lady in Hastings
name change to Bailey
Back up for sale a short time later.



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