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The Old Henry horse - sired some GREATS
The Palace Horse - Top, also known as HC's White Horse and Old Henry.
An Irish stallion who was bred and owned by Henry Connors

(right photo copyright  Old Tower Cobs on Facebook


Fleetwood - Tony Smith's Gypsy Cobs
Sire: The Lob Eared Horse

HENRY - Tony Smith's Gypsy Cobs
Sire: Fleetwood (Tony Smiths)
Dam: The One and Only
Mcann bred in Ireland

(Copyright Jacqueline Smith)

Sire: Fleetwood (Tony Smiths)
Dam: The One and Only
Mcann bred in Ireland

(Copyright Sydney Harker)

 The lob Eared horse pictured here at 27 yrs old
Sire: H.C.'s White Horse
Dam: The Irish Filly

Bob the Blagdon son of The Lob - Tom Price
Sire: The Lob Eared Horse
Dam: The Horse Shoe Mare

Sire: Bob the Blagdon
Dam: The Red & White Mare

The Roadsweeper
Sire: The Coal Horse

The Old Black Horse
Sire: The Coal Horse

Syd's Good Stallion
aka The Franny/Frainy Horse.
Sire: The Docked Tail Horse.
Dam: Daughter of The Lob

The original Old Kent Horse

The Laughing Horse sire to Gypsy King

 The Irish Silver Mane Mare over 25 years old
 her sire was The Old Sham
 her uncle is The Lob and her brother is Old Henry

The Irish filly now gone and The dam of The Lob Eared horse

The PO Mare
Dam: The Old PO Mare, by Old Henry

The PO horse
sired by The Old Henry Horse and The Lion King mother (The PO Mare)

The Lion King
Sire: Son of Robert Watsons Old Horse whose sire Robert Watsons Old horse, Dam: RW's mare
Dam: The PO Mare, her Dam (The Old Po Mare) whose Sire was (Old Henry)

(Copyright Black Forest Shires)

The Guv'nor
(Copyright Vestlandstinker.com)

The Original Old Paddy Horse
in the shafts (with Fred Walker)

Lennys Horse
Sire: The White Horse
Dam: The Black Mare

(Copyright Blackjack Gypsy Horses)

The Old Horse Of Wales
- Tom Price
Sire: The Old Horse of Ireland
Dam: JC's Irish Mare

(All Photos above copyright Loretta Rawlings)

Banks Mare
Dam to The Gypsy King

The Chekidy  Stallion

The Lottery Horse
Sire: Old Sam
(By the Old Black Horse) by (The Coal Horse)
Dam: Old Matilda
(By The Paddy Horse)

(All Photos above copyright Michael Vine)
Billy Boy

aka The Christie Horse

Sire: The Lob

(Photo copyright Loretta Rawlings)
The Producer - Tom Price
Sire: The Road Sweeper
Dam: Bobby Rayfield's Good Mare
(formerly known as The Buck Horse & the 25 Grand Horse)

(Right photo: Copyright Loretta Rawlings)
The Red & White Mare
Sire: The Old Horse of Wales
Dam: Red Blagdon Mare


The White faced mare &
The Red & White Mare

The Horseshoe Filly
Dam: The Horseshoe Mare
who is by the Original Old Paddy Horse and The Old White Mare

The Ringmaster

Sired by the "Trojan Horse"
and out of a "Black daughter of
The Original Roadsweeper"

Copyright Loretta Rawlings)

(Photo copyright Loretta Rawlings)
By Grey Bobby

Sire: The Old Horse of Wales
Dam: The Midget Mare
(Copyright Loretta Rawlings)

(Photo copyright Loretta Rawlings)

Sire: The Old Horse of Wales

Dam: The Sweeper Mare by Old Black Bob, out of Vines mare

Sire: The Lottery Horse
Dam: Bluebell by The Old Black Horse, out of The Old White Mare

(Copyright Loretta Rawlings)

The Midget Stallion - Tom Price
Sire: Son of Purdy Horse
Dam: Daughter of The Old Horse

King Lear out of Old Henry
also Known as The Blue Patch
Sire: The original Old Henry Horse
Dam: by the Lob, Grand Dam by the Coal Horse

(Photo copyright Loretta Rawlings)
Biker Connors & Greyson

(Photo copyright Loretta Rawlings)
The Honey Mare
Sire: The Old Horse of Wales
out of The Diamond Mare

Fred Walker Pixie Horse

Hugo Boss

King of the Road

The Business's sire "The Real BOSS

The Boss aka The Business
(The chocolate Palomino Stallion)

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