Harkers Romani Chi is in foal to Romany's Tinker Taylor who is now owned by Ali Healey, Ambleside Irish Cobs, Perth, Western Australia. We initially imported Romany's Tinker Taylor in 2009 from UK. TK is NZ Multi Supreme Champion and proven sire of exceptional quality, we are looking forward to seeing the quality on the ground with this breeding.

Harkers Romani Chi, by Son of Old Paddy Horse lines, proven dam of exceptional quality (in England). This is the first season we have bred this gorgeous mare as previously she was working on the movie and we got her going under saddle thanks to Terrence Whakatihi my trainer/good friend.

Harkers Romani Chi immediately caught my eye when we walked through many different fields of Sydney Harkers, back in 2010. Unlike the others Romani Chi stood out from the crowd, she was a different colour than a lot of others, big solid girl, oozing the quality that all Sydneys horses retain.

Sydney umm'd and ahh'd when I asked about purchasing Harkers Romani Chi. There is a history with this mare, extremely personal and special to Sydney Harker and when he sat me down to tell me the story I knew this special girl had to come 20,000 KMS to New Zealand to live with me and my family, if it was at all possible.

This fabulous mare was only on New Zealand shores for 5 months when she was head hunted to work alongside the filming of The Hobbit movie. This mare delivered 150%, she has a dedicated work ethic and we were told after she carried the title "The most BOMBPROOF horse" - what a Star! I loved working with her on this job, and my trainer/good friend Terrence Whakatihi backed her and worked with us for the duration. Fabulous time, awesome experience and one magnificent mare!

We can't thank Sydney and Simey Doherty for their continued friendship and the opportunity to work with them and their magnificent Gypsy Horses.

At times we may have foals for sale, email us for details.
The Road Sweeper, The Lion King, The Old Paddy Horse, Sids Good Stallion aka (The Frainey Horse), Tony Smith's Fleetwood, Harkers TIDD, The Lob, The Old Henry Horse give you an indication of the outstanding bloodlines that join our table here at Romany Cobs New Zealand.

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Very heavy mare, photo's do not do her justice
Big, bold and beautiful, pure quality
Only the best of homes will secure

World renown breeders
"The Harker Family"  in England

Generations of Quality breeding
including some of the most prestigous
& fiercely guarded blood lines in the world

"Harkers Romani Chi"
carefully hand picked from
the Harker family fields of GOLD

Height: 14.3-15hh
Age: 8 yrs
By Son of The Old Paddy Horse
(not DNA verified)
out of The Brown and White Mare
(not DNA verified)

Two brown eyes
Heavy traditional Gypsy Cob Mare
Excellent bone and feather 

Proven broodmare of exceptional quality
Currently empty, we didn't breed her last year as she was
working on The Hobbit Movie !!

This mare has more than proven herself, she is well mileaged, safe,
sound and kind. Ridden extensively over mountaineous terrain,
 roads and highways with logging trucks whizzing by,
ridden out in huge groups, been used to lead horses off for fitness.
Even rode her up and stood 5mtr from a moving train and she didn't move a muscle!

Great weight carrier, and you can dubb on her,
 you can't fault her, she's a "one in a million"
and you won't find another like her. Great for adults or kids.

Extensively and intensively worked and trained in preparation for her film debut,
on The Hobbit movie. Some training involved helicopters flying
close overhead, towards her. No-one has ever fallen
off this mare, she looked after her Hobbit movie riders 100% as well.

Chi loves kids, and is a dream to handle. 100% sound, no health issues.
Extremely well travelled, up and down the South Island, on the ferry four times.