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Romany's Tinker Taylor

True to Type, Quality bred
Imp.UK Gypsy Cob Stallion



Tinker Taylor

We can now announce that our boy Tinker Taylor is owned by
Ambleside Irish Cobs, Western Australia


Romany Cobs
This legendary stallion consistently impressed us with his star attributes and discerning qualities and will be one to certainly watch with his future endeavours, with his new family.
We know TK will ADORE his new home, and wish them every success.

True to Type, Quality bred
Imp.UK Gypsy Cob Stallion



Romany's Tinker Taylor
Stamping absolute QUALITY
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In Australia

2011 Foals (NZ/Australia)
4 colts & 3 fillies

Gypsy Cob Purebred filly foal
by Romany's Tinker Taylor

2010/2011 mares

Romany's Tinker Taylor
 Producing foals of exceptional quality!
Lovely sweet heads, short backs, hair, feather
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Frozen semen for
International Export

Romanys' Tinker Taylor (Imp UK),
NZ Multi Supreme Champion



Photo  Peter Stoop

Contact: Katherine Davies


Ph: 0800-735-642


P: 03 8370-5341 Melbourne
P: 07 3051-5800 Brisbane
Cell: +64274421314

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Will only be sold to approved AI Centres

This legendry stallion never ceases to impress us with his star attributes and discerning qualities.  With him going to Australia for the 2010/2011 breeding season, we are now able to cover the NZ mares that want to breed to TK for this coming season with his frozen semen. 

We use Equibreed Ltd
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Contact Lee Morris: 021-421-744

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Romany Cobs Stud


Photo SWD Images\

Champion & Supreme Champion Pony
North Island All Breeds In Hand Show
Awarded: Grand Champion Pinto Cup

All-breed Stallion Parade Cambridge

Grand Champion Pinto

Tinker Taylor
Imp. UK June 2009
2005 Gypsy Cob Stallion
Piebald Tobiano
13.3hh (approx)
10" Quality Flat Bone
NZPtHS:  PT1320

Homozygous for black
Heterozygous for tobiano

We are told that TK is a Tom Lowe bred stallion with a lot of old fashion top quality Kent bloodlines.  The very best of Gypsy breeding. True to type, short coupled with great width, depth and a leg in each corner. A sweet head and that fabulous apple rump. With tons of feather and outstanding movement this boy ticks all the boxes.

2011 Foals (NZ/Australia)
4 colts & 3 fillies

2010 Foals
All foals out of
non Gypsy mares
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4 colts & 4 fillies

2010 Mares
In foal Australia
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The gypsy horse was developed over hundreds of years by selectively cross-breeding the Friesian, the Clydesdale, the Shire, the Fells Pony and the Dales Pony. The resulting horse of preference, which is thought to have originally emerged some time in the 1600s, was one which had to be sound, strong, intelligent, docile, athletic, gentle, kind, colorful and possessed of exceptional stamina and say nothing of a willingness to learn. According to some historians, the forerunner of today's gypsy horse came into existence around 600 B.C., when metalworkers travelled the countryside with their families in barrel top wagons.

Champion & Supreme Champion Pony - South Auckland All Breed Show 

COLOUR Explained
Romany's Tinker Taylor
Homozygous for black
No red factor detected. The horse can be assumed to be homozygous for black pigment (EE). It cannot have red foals, regardless of the color of the mate. The basic color of the horse will be black, bay or brown, but depending on genes at other color loci, the horse may be buckskin, zebra dun, grullo, perlino, gray, white or any of these colors with the white hair patterns tobiano, overo, roan or appaloosa. more
Colour coat calculator: Click here

Outstanding season 
Romany's Tinker Taylor

in New Zealand 2009/2010
2 Show starts for 2 Supremes, including NZ Grand Champion Pinto Cup at the North Island All-breeds In-hand Show

Photo credit: SWD Images

Photo credit: SWD Images

Stunning pony head








NZ Multi Supreme Champion
Campaigned Australia 2010



Traditionally used for driving, they also excel at dressage, hunting, show jumping and both English  & Western riding. Years of selective breeding has developed a personality that is likely to be the most gentle and docile in the world.  They are extremely social and eager to participate in your activities and will do so with beauty and style

The original Gypsies didn't refer to themselves as gypsies, nor did they call their horses, gypsy horses. The Travellers of Ireland called their horses Coloured Cobs, Cobs, Coloured Horses or sometimes just Piebalds since over time that colour pattern became prized


Their laid back nature makes them easy to train and enjoy.
Perfect pleasure or competition mounts and for children. This stallion is no exception and is guaranteed to add bone, substance, temperament without compromising quality.


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Below: Article
Horse & Pony August 2009

Horse & Pony


The Gypsy Horse was bred by the Gypsy Travellers to pull their ornate caravans and carts. They come in a variety of colours from pinto to solid blacks as well as the rarer buckskin and palamino's. Long flowing mane's and tails and of course an abundant of feather is highly desireable. The Gypsy Horses intelligence, stamina, hardiness and sensibility are unsurpassed by any other breed today.


The Gypsy Cob was involved in just about every aspect of the Gypsy Travellers life. During the daytime the Gypsy Horse pulled the Gypsy Caravan for miles entrusted with the famlies worldly possessions. Once camp was established the Gypsy Horse took watch over the Gypsy children taking them on small rides and allowing them to climb and crawl all over them. These Gypsy horses were so valuable to the Travellers that in some areas these horses took the form of currency.

No other established breed will compare to the history that the Gypsy Horses hold. What other breed of horse do you know of that will fetch tens of thousands of dollars, with no papers and no guarantee? They do just that in the UK and Ireland. These horses are quickly gaining popularity among horse enthusiasts around the world & NZ is no exception. The Gypsy horses excel in all disciplines asked of them.


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NZ Multi Supreme Champion In-hand
In Australia 2010/2011


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