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TONTO, 15.2hh - age unknown (mid-late 30's)






Huge Thanks to Tonto's old owner - we feel very privileged that you allowed us to purchase Tonto back.
Tonto will now remain us for the rest of his days.

The day was Thursday 18 February 2010 - I was looking at a farm property and thought I'd take a drive by. When driving back towards home I remembered that the road I was turning i
nto was the same as road I had sold my gelding to several years before. I  scanned the properties driving down the road, keeping a watchful eye and then I saw him .... Grazing roadside!!!

Initially we owned Tonto for almost 10 years he was certainly a big part of our life.
I also did low level endurance with him later on, up in Auckland and boy did Tonto get a new lease of life - LOVED IT!
Our fondest memories are of my 5 year old daughter riding Tonto down winding Country road, riding a total of 10kms in a day, lunch and backpack on her back alongside the big girls from over the road. They would ride to Light Horse Club grounds in Tawa, Wellington every second Sunday. That little girl is now 18 yrs old!

I Foung Tonto all those years ago in the Rangitikei District, grazed out on a big station being used as a shepherds hack.
Apparently Tonto would occasionally pig root if he didn't like the rider and so ended up down the road with the Shepherd.

I can't count the number of kiddies Tonto's taught and looked after over the years and he never ever pig-rooted with me or my children. Standing at just under 15.2hh his height never bothered the kids or nervous adults as Tonto was such a kindly gentleman.  On the odd occasion when friends turned up, and if their husbands insisted on having a ride Tonto would tell the husband in the first 4 strides whether he was "in" or "out" with pig-roots.

We hope that we have many years left with him, he will mind the foals here at stud and hang out with our other very aged gelding.




For all those who keep asking me ..... "YES" he remembered me, and had a little pose for the camera while he leapt and bounded up the paddock in Tonto style. He kept coming back over and muzzling me.
 I have cried more in the last few days than I have in years!

I didn't once visit him after we sold him 5 years ago, as I knew it would break my heart.
Immediately after he was sold - I had to live with the deep regret.

Over the following years when I phoned his owner I'd ask if I could buy him back - but that wasn't an option. That was until last week when it was like a dream come true for me.

To be reunited with Tonto is the best wishes to have ever come true.
Dyllan hasn't really shown a lot of interest in horses up until Tonto arrived, as he kept on making a fuss of her. It's really special that she asks to sit up there as he is a big boy and until now she has had no desire to climb on board. Even her 17 month old brother has outdone her in the courage stakes!

Dyllan is now independently getting his hay in her wheelbarrow delivering his hay several times a day and she independently fills his trough with the hose.
Dyllan lightens up his day and he does this for her.






It's simple really I guess ...

Tonto is sharing his magic around, just like he did all those years ago with big sister Sophie and has done his entire equine life that we know of. Tonto just has that effect on people - a one in a million boy and we hope that he's with us for many years to come.

Photos below taken the day he arrived - had a little pose and raced up the paddock










Then he meets Dyllan, 3 yrs old and immediately he goes into little people mode - always did LOVE little people. The pictures tell a story and Tonto loves water so bury's his head in his water trough as Dyllan studies him hard. My other photo's show that Dyllan then decides to get wet in the trough, he thought that was amusing! Tonto kept sloshing his head in the water then dripping it all over Dyllans bare body.
Then he'd nuzzle all over her and lick her bare skin - highly to her amusement!

Photos below taken our last endurance ride together around 6 years ago

Photo below taken in December 2004 - minding duty, loves the babies



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